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U.S. 2018 elections 'under attack' by Russia - U.S. intelligence chief

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7 hours ago, Khun Han said:


Sorry, but you're sending this debate around in circles by denying evidence already in the public domain and publicised widely, and even denying your own statements on this thread. Come back to me when you have something new and interesting. bfn.

Sorry, you're running from the fact that you can't defend your own claims. Once again, if the evidence you are referring to is in the public domain, provide sources to the evidence so it can be evaluated in proper context.


I already asked you to identify a statement I made and am now running from, you didn't do so. 


It seems you are running from your repeated insistence that the intelligence sources should be attempting to track down and comment on every troll post instead of going after Russian trolls at the source.

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23 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Fox News, yes, and also Sky news which is as anti Trump as any tv "news" channel I've seen.

BTW a few presenters on Fox that really dislike Trump, so not one sided.


22 hours ago, heybruce said:

Murdoch does not yet own controlling interest in Sky TV.  He is trying to acquire it, and is trying to convince UK regulators that Sky News will remain independent and not be influenced by Murdoch's political views.  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sky-plc-m-a-fox/murdoch-pledges-independent-sky-news-to-smooth-path-for-fox-deal-idUSKBN1FW16M


What presenters on Fox are consistently objective in reporting on Trump?  I know Fox has a few objective news programs, but Fox's big draws are its foam-at-the-mouth pundits.  It's difficult to find the low rated objective programs on Fox.


7 hours ago, Khun Han said:


You're wasting your time. It's like debating with religious fundamentalists.

You don't like having your beliefs challenged, even with credible sources.  You also don't like using sources to defend your beliefs, perhaps because they are indefensibly irrational.  It seems like you are the fundamentalist.

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Gates is apparently ready to cut a plea bargain with Mueller now. And Schiff also recently stated that there is evidence of both collusion and obstruction which has not yet been released to the public. 





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