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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 21:49

Bangkok - Hua Hin by scooter

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On 04.03.2018 at 2:43 PM, Stupooey said:

after Samut Songkhram take the coast road (marked 'Scenic Route')

...OR good, empty and scenic roads 3206-3510-3301-3218




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On 2018-03-04 at 4:26 AM, chrissables said:

I have ridden my PCX from Pattaya up to North Laos and the Chinese border, Mae Hong Son loop, Kanchanaburi, Umpang...........great fun to be had.


The advice from people who don't ride, or get out and explore should be ignored.

Ok to add you. I would have some q about the trip to chinese boarder

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1 hour ago, sead said:

Ok to add you. I would have some q about the trip to chinese boarder

Ask away :)

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On 3/6/2018 at 5:53 PM, chrissables said:

Have been riding here for nearly 14 years i have experienced many crazy things. You are right cars and larger vehicles than motorbikes think they have rights over smaller vehicles.


Of course there is no fun in an accident. But at 100,000 + km, i can say there is a lot of fun riding. 

Oh I agree , it is fun to ride and drive here.  I would take that risk on the bike in other countries, a lot of Europe for example where on certain roads too fast will see you crashing yourself.

but here for me, still, needs to be a cage

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Hi again (I'm the one that started this thread),


So I drove down to Hua Hin from Bangkok and then back again. I used google maps to avoid the major busy areas and take the scenic route (thanks for the advice from others). It was quite a long drive (I don't go that fast) but once on the 'scenic route' it was quite nice - not so much on the other roads.


Here are some of the things I think are important to share in case its useful for anyone else considering a similar journey.


- Anyone that rides a bike in Thailand should always be overly cautious and very alert to what is happening around them. If you haven't much experience driving in Thailand and you are surprised by getting cut-up or cars swerving when you least expect then get a bit more experience before thinking about a longer journey.

- I didn't go into the faster lanes at all - the speed of vehicles in those lanes was v. fast. However be cautious about the vehicles (predominantly lorries) pulling into the left-hand lane to stop with little advance warning.

- I did not have any notable trouble with the traffic and other drivers. I may be the exception but didn't feel it was particularly bad - it felt like a relatively normal journey on a bike in Thailand. If the previous points sound unsettling then probably don't try it for now.

- One danger that those living in Bkk may not think of is the dogs unpredictably running out into the road on the 'scenic route'. One of the reasons I don't drive that fast is as there are things like that you can't predict and if you are going too fast to respond to such things then you're putting yourself at risk - not to mention the innocent dog.

- Despite the unpredictability of the dogs - it's definitely worth taking the 'scenic route' - much prettier and easier.

- The majority of the journey is pretty busy - meaning if you don't have a face mask for the traffic fumes then you will feel it.

- Take lots of breaks - It took me about 4hrs one-way (shorter on the way back) so it can be quite tiring. This was mainly spent getting out of Bkk as you'd probably imagine but I also don't drive fast.

- If you do this or a similar trip in Thailand enjoy it but also be careful and alert.



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