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Rhino - bad word in Thai or not?

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A friend of mine is developing a new range of products that will be sold in Thailand and around SEA.


He wants to call the band "RHINO" but a couple of people have mentioned that this word can be used in Thailand to refer to a woman as a slut, or similiar.


I have been asking around and it seems that some people know it to be used like that, but more often than not the Thai's I ask don't seem to know what it means, or just think it's the animal.


So just just really looking for feedback on whether it would be acceptable for use in product naming here, or might it be better to steer clear of it?


Thanks in advance.

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The word does have that meaning ascribed to it but I have mainly heard it only used in jest.


As to whether the brand is any good, it depends on the product. There used to be (maybe still is) boxing oil/liniment which was sold under that brand name in Thailand.


Is the product used to enhance the hardness of a particular muscle? If so, you are on the right track. Rhino horn is popular for that among the ignorant. Potential purchasers could put one and one together and  want to see  if they get a rise out of it.

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