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Flow Hive/Bee keeping

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I'm thinking of buying one of those Flow Hives that are being promoted by that Australian company. Has anyone bought one here in Thailand, I'm curious as to what the duty/tax was on something like that. 

Also, just wondering if anyone could share any links that relate to beekeeping in Thailand. Not sure I want to do this, but it is something I've thought about for a very long time. Just as a hobby though, nothing more. 

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I read these are not good by many sources of professional bee keepers, I won’t comment on how but just let you know to check that out. I’ve been trying to get up and going too, but I for now I really just want bees to live here to help pollination. They came here before but unluckily got damaged in a brush fire. So maybe they remember and not so keen on coming back.

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Here's a link to a thread opened recently about bee keeping. You might find some info there to help you. 



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