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BANGKOK 19 December 2018 14:45

"Special forces" and "Thetsakit" to enforce 2,000 baht Pattaya smoking ban fines from April

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"Special forces" and "Thetsakit" to enforce 2,000 baht Pattaya smoking ban fines from April




Pattaya City council have announced that what they called special forces will team up with infamous thetsakit (municipal officers) to fine people caught throwing cigarette butts on Jomtien's Dong Tan beach.


Though 100,000 baht fines and the threat of jail time has been abandoned for now, the special teams will have the power to demand 2,000 baht on the spot after decisions made at City Hall yesterday.


The move is likely to ignite fears that unscrupulous officers may attempt to extort tourists.


But to soften the blow the local authority plan some nice dances and yoga showcasing the wonderful Thai culture on April 2nd. 


Pattaya News said that the softly softly approach taken from the start of February would be a thing of the past from the first Monday in April. They described this as the "first zone" seemingly indicating that more would follow in the campaign to clean up the resorts' beaches.


Deputy mayor Banthit Khunjak announced three special forces operatives would be patrolling with regular thetsakit staff. They would use CCTV to help them nail smoking miscreants.


Signage was shown to the press in English, Thai and Chinese - this said "no pets, smoke free, zero waste and 2,000 baht fined (sic)".


City Hall have the 224 operators on the beach as willing helpers in the campaign. They are collaborating in making April 2nd a day to remember on the beach and nearby public areas.


In the morning there will be an exhibition of Thai dance followed by a community clear up.


In the evening there will be a demonstration of something termed "Smart Yoga" by Viva Studio.


Thaivisa notes that "thetsakit" officers in places like Bangkok have been key in fining tourists 2,000 baht for dropping butts in tourist areas like upper Sukhumvit.


Many people believe that only tourists are targeted and if Thais are in fact fined, they pay much less.


Source: http://www.pattayanews.com/content/25203

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-3-14
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Empowering the "thetsakit". The cows are coming home to Pattaya.

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