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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 09:54

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my thai wife wants to come and live with me in the UK.

She already has passed her English language A1 and has the required certificate of TB as normal ie negative.

We now wish to go on and complete the paperwork for the Uk embassy,but I am somewhat confused by what route we should take.

I think we should be going on the 5 year route,but the website seems a little ambiguous .

Any advice would be welcome,as we need to apply asap,


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Where did you get married? Presumably Thailand.


Here is what you need. I've copied and pasted most of it from a  previous post so the bit about the language test and TB tests are still in there.


The application needs to satisfy the ECO of the following.
1. That the marriage is genuine.
2. You earn £18,600 or more.
3. Accommodation in the UK.
To get the Settlement visa which lasts for 33 months, she will also need an A1 English language certificate (£150) and a TB test (3300 baht) that she will have in Bangkok at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). For FLR she will need the A2 English language certificate. FLR lasts for 30 months. When she has lived here for five years she will need Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). She will need the B1 language test and to pass the Life in the UK test. After ILR she can apply for citizenship and a Brtiish passport.

On top of the cost of the visas you will need to pay the NHS surcharge for the first two visas and expect the whole thing to cost north of £10K over the five years as the visas seem to go up by around 20% each year. It's over £7,000 at the moment. The NHS surcharge is £200 a year but will double to £400 a year, later this year. For the Settlement visa it is currently £600 and FLR will be £500. No NHS surcharge for ILR. Your wife will be allowed to work when she comes here.

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Thanks for the information supplied.

Two further questions,

My wifes passport and our marriage certificate(Thai) are in her name,will this create any problems?

When we (hopefully) get the visa,how much time does she have before departing for the UK?

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Posted (edited)

1) There is no compulsion under either Thai or UK law for a woman to take her husband's surname upon marriage. Therefore there is no reason why she cannot keep her passport, and make her visa and subsequent leave to remain applications, in her maiden name.


However, if she, when qualified, applies for British nationality then she must have both her Thai and British passports in the same name; married or maiden.


2) Her visa vignette will be valid for 30 days from issue. If she delays her travel beyond this she will have to pay for an expensive renewal. If she does wish to travel later than this she can ask for her visa to be post dated for up to three months.






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