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over 1.5 hrs waiting at DM imm queue

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The time it takes to get through immigration at DM can vary widely. I flew out of there last Tuesday and immigration officers were waiting for customers at 8am. I had a chat to a very jovial female supervisor (really!!) who came to assist the officer at the desk as I was using a new passport for the first time, and she told me the mornings were quiet and the afternoons busy. On my return the next day at 3.30pm I queued for about 15 minutes, which is acceptable. But I did race a crowd off of a flight from China that arrived at the same time, which helped! From arriving at immigration to being on the bus took 20 minutes.

Checking in with Air Asia can be a pain if you have luggage. First you have to queue to print out not only your boarding pass but your luggage tag too - and then you have to queue a second time to give your bag to the check-in desk. Why they can't print out the luggage tag like they do in the real world I have no idea. Bizarre. I don't know if Nok and Thai Lion operate the same way. If not I'll choose them next time. Perhaps someone can advise.

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21 hours ago, Millian said:

At DM the Priority lane is to the right, next to the lane for aircrew.  It says priority/officials/diplomatic and can be used by Thai Elite card holders, people over 70, pregnant woman, BOI employees, etc.

A septuagenarian friend of mine was waved away by an IO when he attempted to use this lane, so he now pays in the region of 1,000 Baht to buy a fast track ticket, I wonder if others in their seventies have succesfully used this lane?


I've done so at Suvarnabhumi regularly, though usually on departure I have to point out the concession to the passport "pre checker".

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