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Thai woman stabs British man after he tried to end their relationship

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On 4/16/2018 at 1:42 AM, inThailand said:

True love?


Isn't that a four digit pin number?

That's why he got stabbed. He has a Kasikorn 6 digit PIN but he only gave her 4 ....

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On 4/8/2018 at 11:22 AM, klauskunkel said:



What's the point?

Just asking, is she really a woman? hmm........

Farang didn't have extra suitcase with clothing and shaving gear kept at his good friend's house? Every Farang should have contingency plan, well, just in case something bad happen you never know. If you must leave leave quietly don't say anything.

I know an American who has been screwing ladies in Indonesia, philippines, Malaysia and he just dump them without saying a word to them. That's bad isn't it? I knew him when he moved to my condo with his Indon girl friend.

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Well - there is not much to say. Knife-wielding is as common in Thai - Farung relationships as is sanook. If you indulge in hot sex with them, and think you can go a little bit on the side sometimes, chances are you experience some 'daeg gapog daeg loey' or something like the Brit herein experienced. Both are highly unpleasant. You have been warned. Many Farungs don't know the least sh about the culture except going after broads.

Jealousy and revenge aren't dealt here in a westerly fashion. 

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