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Older Persons Budget, UK, how much?

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Moderators should feel free to close this thread since some folks seem determined to derail it and keep it off topic! 


I've got a lot of useful information that I had sought so thanks to those who contributed usefully and positively, it's much appreciated.

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On 4/17/2018 at 10:58 AM, wgdanson said:

And that is why the NHS is BROKE.

Yes it is one, but there are several other reasons.

Simple stuff, like the owners and managers of the buildings charge way too much for maintenance.

A friend of mine was a computer manager at an NHS hospital. He wanted a coat peg on his office door and bought one for £2 from a DIY store and was going to fit it himself. He was stopped and the maintenance crew were instructed to do the job. His department was billed for £250.

Just the bottom of the pile. The whole system is corrupt.

It is so sacred nobody can do anything about it.

Remind you of anywhere else?


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