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Android not going to correct post in a thread

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I’m using ThaiVisa Connect v7.1.66 for Android with a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.


In email notifications when a new comment is added, when I click “Go to this post’ it takes me to the first post in the topic, not the one I receive the notification about.


Reading the same notification email on my PC, if click the same link it always goes correctly to the comment it relates to, so it must be an Android issue. Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere I haven’t noticed?


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I tested this and had the same experience. I sent an email to myself with the direct link to the second post on page three of a news topic. Clicking on this link on the PC brought me to the correct post, but on the phone, with the selection of opening the link in the Thaivisa Connect app, I was brought to the first post on page 2.


There is clearly something wrong with the latest version of the Thaivisa Connect app.

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Maestro, thanks for your reply and for checking as well.

When I tried what you did, I noticed that by referring to a post yourself and emailing that link, within the link as well as the comment number for the topic, it has the page number too.
I picked a post in a thread, and noticed on the PC there were ten pages of comments, of which page five was referred to in the self-made link, plus the comment number.

On Android there were only five pages of comments in total. The Android pages are  longer than the PC pages.

It still didn’t go the the correct post.
When I receive TV-generated emails, there isn’t a page number in the link, only the comment number.

As you say it must be an issue with the Android ThaiVisa Connect app.


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