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Raining in Chiang Mai

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My place has been raining since around 7 pm last night and still going on this morning at 8 am. 


I got a power tripped during heavy rain, I wonder why. It only happened in one of the fuse. But it was ok when the rain drizzled back.


This has got to be the longest rain period since the rainy season last year. That's more than 12 hours.

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Posted (edited)

Yes I got caught out Tuesday evening from about 6:30.  Was going to attend the Mae Rim Tuesday market but the storm from the South arrived.


Torrential rain would have put off a lot of punters and annoyed the stall holders.


Had a few drinks with fellow expats at a ma and pa shop instead. Waited until about 8pm for a break in the downpour before jumping on the scooter and heading home.


Seems to have rained all night and it's continuing now.


Will have to start up the lawnmower in the next few days I think....it's growing fast.

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