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This Dog Got Detained For Chasing A Deer And His Reaction Is Everything

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Emme Thompson is a 21-year-old student at Dalhousie University. Her family is based in Kenora, Ontario.

Thompson's family have a mixed-breed rescue dog called Finn.

Thompson told BuzzFeed News that on Saturday, her dad and his girlfriend were taking Finn for a walk on a local trail when they let him off his leash.

Usually, Finn is totally fine with this, but this time he caught the smell of a deer and ran. "I guess he caught the scent of a deer because he took off into the bush, not responding to their calls and whistles," she said.


When the pair were headed back to the trail, they got a call from Ontario Provincial Police.

The police told them that they had found Finn after he caused some chaos chasing a deer along a road. "He’s an extremely fast runner and inevitably caught up to the deer where they had a bit of a scrap, he’s much smaller than a deer so it got away and he gave up the chase."


When Thompson's father and girlfriend went to pick up Finn, they took a photo of Finn in the police car, which Thompson then shared to Twitter.


Since being posted on Saturday, the photo has been retweeted over 143,000 times.


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Posted (edited)

If you're into shaggy dog, or to be more accurate short haired dog, stories the original article is worth a look.

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