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i am not sure if i remember right. If i arrive by air, Don muang or swampy from outside thailand

with out any visa (Tourist, Non-B -0 or what ever)  i get a Visa on arrival (german passport), for 30 days, and this i can do

maximum two times a year. Is this information correct?


I left bkk at the 9th of april (before i stayed with a METV from my home country, but this visa expiered) and will arrive in BKK tomorrow 17th again, coming from indonesia, will stay for 5 days in BKK, then i will fly to cambodia for one week, then back to BKK again for two weeks, and then back to my home country. So in one month i will come to thailand by air without visa. . I have booked flights already, so i can show printed e-ticktes, also i have minimum 20.000 Baht with me, and a hotel booking for the first night in BKK.


Will there by any problems?


Thank you



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There is no limit on the number of visa exempt entries ( it is not a visa on arrival) you can do by air over any amount of time. At land border crossings there is a limit of 2 per calendar year.

You should not have a problem getting the 30 day visa exempt entries when your return after your trips.

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Firstly you don't get VOA you get a visa exemption entry. The two entries per calendar year are for entries by land. There is no known limit on entries by air. Your travel itinerary should mean you have no problems entering.

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