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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 18:30

Kids Driving Motorbikes

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2 minutes ago, ThreeEyedRaven said:

To my mind 15 is a reasonable age

But their Mum or Dad will still have to take them to school on the bike, but yes, I agree.

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16 minutes ago, i claudius said:

cost me my no claims bonus.

& did your premium go up if having received it yet

This is what i mentioned before - Let's say the mother said OK ring the Police & is still demanding money (so of down to the station ) 

Since you have Class 1 Insurance you leave it up to Ins. Company to decide to pay or not. If forced to make that claim to cover all, why don't these Ins companies go after the illegal person


EG. I had just got my full license in Auss ( not sure how long I had it for ), involved in small accident (charged ). The other party claimed on Ins & the Ins. Company sent me the bill since other party proved who was in the wrong, hence other party losing no claim & premium hike

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Rightly or wrongly perhaps the Thai parents are allowed a little scope on when they think their offspring are capable of riding a motorsi to school. I guess the parents can calculate the risk. No doubt some will insist their children use less personal transport if available.

My daughter (15) has traveled to school in our rural area on her own motorsi for over a year now. I consider it good practice with only one busy road to cross right alongside the school. She drives confidently and carefully.

Soon she changes school and goes into a busy town some 10 klms away. My wife will not allow daily travel and my daughter will board with a friend near to school. Not sure if she will take the motorsi and use it in the town, probably will, but at least I know she has driven for a while and will be much better equipped to handle the bike than a new learner starting out.

I do agree training and education would be beneficial and certainly the enforcement of the compulsory helmet law. Surely the place for this is right outside the school, catch them young make wearing a helmet habit.

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Posted (edited)

Even if they have a license and are thus covered by "insurance". If they have insurance, it's just the compulsory insurance anyway, and this insurance only pays for medical treatment, not for damage to your truck. So you would be in the same situation, with or without insurance (their insurance).

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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

So, take the bike then !

They do for twenty minutes.

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40 minutes ago, seajae said:

problem is that at their ages they are too immature & they dont stop to realize how dangerous some of their riding habits are, speeding while swerving in and out of traffic chasing each other doesnt help. Parents that say they are good enough to ride does not make it so, they need to know the road rules and be licensed, its not up to parents but to the laws when it all boils down to it. Like the 12 year old driving herself to school through Surat Thani in her fathers car for a long time with no accidents, does that mean all 12 year olds should be ok to do it, that is not the answer. The laws are there for a reason even if the police dont enforce them, maybe when their kids have an accident or die they will realize that they are wrong, police need to enforce the law, parents need to be held responsible and fined a big amount or lose the bike, maybe then when it starts to cost them money they will stop their kids from doing it but again that would require the police to get out and do their jobs, will never happen. I am so over having to swerve or break suddenly due to under age kids riding habits, many are simply too stupid in their thinking to be on the road but then again so are many others

Well  improve your own pooe driving habits , treat them all as bad, preempt them and stop swerving around as if your a Kid.

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