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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 04:31

Gay couple arrested over Facebook luxury goods scam

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Gay couple arrested over Facebook luxury goods scam

By The Nation




A gay couple has been arrested for allegedly stealing an ID card which they used to set up a fake retail business selling luxury goods through a Facebook page without delivering the goods.


The arrest of Napat Jun-anporn, 34, and Suthiwat Mansathit, 24, was announced on Thursday after they were apprehended at their home in Pathum Thani’s Thanya Buri district.


The arrest was made after several people filed complaints with police that they had transferred money to purchase luxury brandname handbags, mobile phones and speakers from a Facebook page but had not received the items.


Police checked and found that the name of a man whose account was used to receive transferred money was also a victim. Police said the couple had earlier met the man, whose name was withheld, and stole his identification card, which they used to open a bank account and subscribe to a mobile phone used to deceive others to transfer their money.


The victims have filed complaints with police at multiple police stations.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30344589

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-05-04

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Two post violating this from the forum rules have been removed.

The ThaiVisa News Team gathers and disseminates news bulletins from Thai and International sources, and republishes them in the News Forums for our members' information and enjoyment. Our News Team works hard to bring quality content to the News Forums, and should be respected for their efforts.
Comments such as "slow news day" or "clickbait headline" are neither respectful nor welcome on the forum, and will be considered as troll comments and removed and the offending poster warned and/or suspended accordingly.
Except as otherwise indicated in the byline, news bulletins are reprinted verbatim from a mass media source which has given TV permission to use its feed. 
Original articles, especially in the Thai press, often have grammatical mistakes or misspellings. ThaiVisa is not responsible for these nor does ThaiVisa have the rights to alter content it is reprinting from another source. Similarly, ThaiVisa is not responsible for any opinions reflected  or quoted in reprinted news stories.

And a racist homophobic post has been removed.

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9 minutes ago, Enoon said:


Perhaps it would help if the sexuality of same sex couples was not included.......is it needed?


They could just be referred to as a "couple" or "partners".........maybe married or unmarried.


Or even things up by saying, when hetrosexual couples are concerned, that, "a hetrosexual couple were....".



It should have read...."Two blokes were very naughty when they......".....:stoner:

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So I guess my post has been removed because I was the first one to say what everyone else mentions too: their sexual orientation is totally irrelevant


Now if you want to remove it again, feel free: good job!

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Good job by the cops, bravo ! :clap2:


Now to refund the victims......and that is far from being a closed case !!!!


E-commerce in Thailand has not yet reached the same level of developpment, safety, trust or customer service , as in the west.


So just beware when ordering stuff online in Thailand, even from a reputable merchant, as something may just not work out in the process (either the delivery would be a mess, or package loss/theft, corrupt customs etc.)

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