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BANGKOK 17 October 2018 22:46

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why is the tax rate so high for wine in Thailand? heard various reasons why but not sure which one is true..

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My "secret" shop has now put their Castle Creek prices up although 5ltr of MC is still 1005. A penny more and I just won't buy it anymore. Hongthong does me just fine...

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12 hours ago, xylophone said:
Phew........ I bet you feel better after that!
I too like writing about wine as it's been a hobby of mine for 45 years or thereabouts, however I can't address all of what's in your post, but I will put forward a few theories.
All the time the likes of Montclair could get away without paying the full amount of tax/revenue on their wines because they were mixed with fruit juice, then the product was cheap on the shelves, but that loophole has been closed, hence the price increase.
As you quite rightly stated, when one can buy "real wine" from Tesco's (and it's only 349 baht here) why would someone pay nearly 400 baht for a bottle of Montclair? So rather than finding its niche in the marketplace, it is now competing with other lower-priced wines like the one I've mentioned, and a few from Chile and even a few from Australia which I've managed to find (lucky me).
As for supermarkets, well I was told by someone high up in the Big C family here that this supermarket chain has been taken over by the owners of Chang (whether fully or partially, I'm not sure) so expect to see more of their product and associated products.
Furthermore I remember once asking why the wine area does not have promotions and was told that the advertising (not sure of the exact form) of alcohol is forbidden, hence I have to scour the shelves of supermarkets to see if any of the wine has a promotional price on it, because they're not allowed to advertise it as such, and occasionally bargains can be found by looking hard.
I was told by someone in the industry that the reason wine keeps getting hit with increases is because the owners of the large distillers/brewers who make the Hong Thong and Sangsom (and others) really want to keep their prices low in comparison to other alcohol, so that they sell more, so if wine is increased, then their product looks better/more affordable??
Lots of arguments could be had around that, so not worth going into here.
As for your comments on Château Loei, well if you scour the Internet you will find that of late the write-ups have been from average to poor to abysmal, so perhaps they've lost their way a little bit?
I think that's covered about all I wanted to say, however as there are many other wine enthusiasts on this thread and others, so no doubt more info and keen discussion can be had.


Around the early 2,000's the Gvt. made special offers on alcohol illegal. Up until then Villa Market used to do BOGOF deals on good wine, I used to buy 2 bottles of Hardy's or Penfold's Australian wine for around 600 Baht.


In fact in Australia, wine is still very good value, compared with any other kindsa p***!!

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