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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 22:30

Bus Ticket Office in Ban Phe moved?

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I wonder please if anyone could possibly help, I am looking to find the bus ticket office in Ban Phe, Rayong, I would like to purchase tickets from Ban Phe, Rayong to Ekemai, Bangkok, but the old bus ticket office has now been demolished and I am not sure where they have moved to in Ban Phe? Please would anyone be able to advise as to the whereabouts of the new ticket window? Many thanks, proving to be a bit of a struggle and I don't really want to risk the journey in one of those high speed mini vans lol! :smile:

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Update: Now then Gents, I've located the new ticket office for the Ban Phe - Bangkok bus, it is directly opposite the old bus ticket office in fact, which is nice and handy, with air con and seating inside and outside and the ticket cost from Ban Phe to Ekemai, Bangkok is 151Baht :smile: Cheers, Roger

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