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Hi everyone.


I got a new phone. Same phone number, just swapped the sim. It is actually a work phone. The last time I got a new phone, when I logged into line two things happened:


1. It automatically sent a friend request to everyone in my phone book, so all my work contacts now have my line ID. I didn't want that.

2. All the conversations in my line account (some I was keeping for reference) were automatically reset on both my computer and phone. I wanted to migrate the conversations onto the new phone.


So now I have a couple of questions / options:


1. When I install line on my new phone, if I use a different email address but the same phone number, then can I effectively set up a new line account so that all my phone contacts don't automatically get my new line ID. Then I can select the friends and family.


2. If I can do the above, then will the old line account stay active i.e. can I still view the conversations from my computer.


3. Contradicting the above; but if I log onto LINE on my new phone, using the same phone number and same email i.e. same account, then will all the old conversations seamlessly transfer to the new phone.


I would greatly appreciate some info on what will happen when I click the button, so that I can make an informed decision. 


Many thanks in advance.


PS. If I save the LINE Chats that I want to keep using the "save chat" from the top right corner of the LINE desktop app, then can I "install" that chat when I open a new LINE account?



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Go into Settings - Friends and untick Auto-add friends. This way Line will not add people from your contacts.

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