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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 17:50

Sukhothai Immigration office news.

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This may not get me browney points but Sukhothai falangies should be aware, OK firstly today 17th May the staff at Suk imm office are really nice and it seemed to me as well as being very aware they are under extreme pressure more so than last year, from their Head Office whoever that is and I assumed maybe there is alleged corruption within immigration offices in and around Thailand.


Last year easy peasy this year over 2 hours sorting out paperwork and more copies wanted for them to send to their Head Office, the Suk staff were so helpful with all the extra paperwork wanted.


I sat in silence which is best :smile: let the Mrs do the biz going back in July unless I get deported first, sad really I should be saying or even thinking that after 13 years.

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