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‘Drunk’ woman filmed swerving towards oncoming traffic on mobility scooter

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This dashcam footage apparently shows a ‘drunk’ pensioner swerving across the road in her mobility scooter. The woman can be seen almost hitting oncoming cars several times as she rides across a bridge in Forster, New South Wales, Australia.


Troy Perrim, who was driving behind the woman, captured her reckless driving on his dashcam. He said: ‘Before we got to the bridge I called the police out of fear the driver of the scooter would injure themselves. ‘Every so often a car would overtake her. When I got behind her I put the hazards on and tried yelling to her through the window.


‘I asked her if she was ok and she said yes. ‘I told her to get off the bridge, but she just got off her scooter and took a break with her arms on the railing.’ It is illegal to drink alcohol before operating a mobility scooter in Australia.


But Troy, 42, said he believes the woman was drunk, and has reported what happened to the police.


Full article and video

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