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BANGKOK 16 November 2018 03:53

JUNE 2018 Photograph Competition

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June 2018 Photograph Competition

Competition will run from Friday the 1st June to Saturday the 30th of June.

The winning entry for June will receive a phone voucher with a value of ฿1000

(May - https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1036002-may-2018-photo-competition/)


Winning entry of the April 2018 competition is this one by member .....Johntwo





Rules of the competition are simple


Contributing members may submit up to four of their own photos per month. 

Please !!!  Only one photo per post.


The photos must be Thailand related and also comply with thaivisa forum rules.



A title, Basic Exif data, location and date may be added, but no extra comments to try and win more votes will be allowed.


All entries will be included in a gallery as posted and at the end of the month this gallery will then be sent to the judges who will choose the winner.


Please note that likes can still be given but will play no part in deciding what is presented for judging.

All entries will be considered regardless of the time of the month posted.


How to post images - This has changed and is much easier now to upload images. 



Please keep dropping by and give your support (likes) to the new images

being posted. Those images gaining 15 likes or more will be added to the

Best Shots Gallery " for the month in question.

This gallery is not part of the monthly competition and will also include

images from across all the general photographic threads that accumulate

10 likes or more.



Note.......We will drop by the thread every day or so to remove the posts not containing images,

so please don't be annoyed if you see one of your posts is missing, thanks for your understanding.


Please add your best shots, and contribute to the rest of the photo forum 


Other parts of the photo forum here:


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Sunrise over my little slice of the Big Mango



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