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BANGKOK 18 October 2018 20:19

Need to hire Removal Van go Pattaya to BKK

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I want to hire a 4 wheel removal van with driver and assistant to take house items from Pattaya to Bangkok. A vehicle same size as photo below is big enough.. I posted  this topic on the Pattaya forum with no luck. But if anyone can recommend a decent removal firm or remover with sufficient spoken English, thank u. I am most appreciative.

I enquired on line but one firm quoted me 35,000 baht and another 15,500 baht which are ludicrous prices as the value of what I want moved is less than the lowest quoted.








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If the value of all your household items is less than 15000 Baht, throw it out. A professional removal service from Patts to Bangkok (including pack/unpack) will cost you around the same. Buy new stuff from the money saved. Or hire a baht bus and sit at the back holding your stuff.

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Look for a truck on the side of the road with a cardboard sign & a phone number.

Should cost about 5.000 a load

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