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BANGKOK 17 January 2019 17:41

Fly fishing tackle shop in Ladphrao

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Hi all,


My local Thai tackle shop in On-Nut says there is a tackle shop in Ladphrao that sells fly fishing tackle. He gave me the name (in Thai) but neither of my kids can find anything out about it (they are both bi-lingual).


Anybody been there or have an address?


If not I'll go back and see if he has a phone number.





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Thanks for the help.


The second one is the one my own tackle shop was on about. When I went back he told me it wasn't ladprao but Nawamin road!

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OK, an update.


I went there last week, its on Nawamin soi 163, quite a fair way down the (narrow) soi, on the left hand side. A bit tricky to park also.


Its a small shop, and there's a sign outside with some English which says fly fishing, but it would be easy to miss it. Sorry, being an old guy I didn't think to take a photo using my phone.


A reasonable selection of fly fishing tackle, some rods, reels and lines, and also some fly tying materials and tools, much to my surprise. Worth a visit, especially if you happen to live out that way. Lots of other tackle as well.


The good news is that if you search on google maps for Nwamin soi 163, the tackle shop shows up when you zoom in. Its also not too bad a drive if you go via the Chalong Rat expressway.


I hope that's a help.




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Yeah, Tae is the only shop I've found in BKK with a decent selection of fly rods, reels, lines, etc.  They even have some ok flies as well as small accessories (zingers, nippers, etc.).  One thing they do not have is tapered leaders or tippet material finer than 8 lb.  Before going back home and bringing my own rods and reels to BKK, I bought a 6 wt rod and matching reel and line from Tae.  Not top of the line, but decent enough and reasonably priced.  The lady staffing the shop had basic English and was friendly and helpful. 

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