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BANGKOK 21 November 2018 17:03
Thaivisa Web Content Team

Kim Jong Un 'takes his own toilet' to Singapore summit with Donald Trump

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6 hours ago, neeray said:

Perhaps he has concerns about Trumps cleanliness after reading so many articles about his sexual escapades, one at least involving unprotected sex.



That, and the golden showers!

Maybe Trump is not using toilets at all!


(This thread brings me back to the goog old days of primary school and all the s..t stories)

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On 6/13/2018 at 11:37 AM, Brunolem said:

For the definition of a sh..hole country, please refer to Donald Trump who coined the term recently, and which I am just borrowing here.


For example, according to the definition, countries South of the US border are...well...sh..hole countries, while Norway is not!

So u are like a parrot then if trump said put your head in the gas oven u do that to because u borrow his rubbish

nothing wrong with Norway  but is shit hole cold in the winter 



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On 6/14/2018 at 10:54 AM, Monkeyrobot said:

Yes , like you don’t have President and Vice President on airforce one together. 

The Secret Service, which is charged with protecting the president and vice president, does not have an official written rule mandating that the two travel separately, and the government is not overly concerned with the possibility of a so-called "decapitating strike"—whether intentional or accidental—on Air Force One.) In practice, however, the axiom that the commander-in-chief and his second "never fly together" bears out. Sources outside the Secret Service maintain that it's considered taboo for the president and vice president to board the same aircraft. 


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