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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 23:01

Clean and ready for tourists! Bang Saen show how to clean up the trash

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6 hours ago, Vacuum said:

Did you read the OP?  :ermm:




yes I did what is your point?

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9 hours ago, Henrik Andersen said:

Another junta hater sorry but it's the Thai people not the junta there makes Thailand looking so dirty and it had been going on for decades 

So, the fact that the sewage works are cream crackered, or that they failed to renew a rubbish (trash) collection contract leaving piles of stinking rubbish on the sides of the road and countless other failures that I've lost count of or can't remember is junta bashing is it ? 


I know that the Thais screw up the country, I'm not stupid, but city hall has a responsibility to make sure that infrastructure and associated contracts like cleaning the beach, ensuring an adequate supply of rubbish bins in public spaces and that they get emptied regularly, that fecal matter is not dumped straight into the bay due to the lack of infrastructure.


These guys couldn't run a bath let alone run a city as complex as Pattaya. 

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