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Street fighting !!!

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 Personally I got quite a high tolerance for idiots. 



you have to have living here 🤣

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16 hours ago, robblok said:

Sure there are far bigger problems, but if someone is ALWAYS dropping their weights something is going wrong. I workout at home got a home gym so the only one who has a problem if I drop something is me. I just had to drop the weights were behind me and would have twisted my arms so no choice. I did see them bounce on the rubber matting. Nothing much happened. 


I havent worked out in a public gym for quite some time. Did it a few years back but reverted back to my fully stocked home gym as my sessions were starting to become too long. (talking and waiting for machines). Personally I got quite a high tolerance for idiots. I just try to avoid them. 

ive been working out for 30 years in public gyms and i agree with you but now over the last 3 years someone i know built a condominium block 500 yards from where i live and hes given me a pass key to use the gym that no one uses its like my own private gym and its great. id be gutted if i had to go back to a public gym.

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