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BANGKOK 21 November 2018 17:42

Mex oven timer replacement!?

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We bought a Mex electric oven/gas stovetop from HomePro in Bangkok 3 years ago. Has worked great, then 6 weeks ago the oven just stopped working, and our electrician told us the timer ends to be replaced. We contacted Pen K Service Centre, and their response was, "that part is out of stock".  Since then, no response on what we can do to get our oven working again -- we've been calling, e-mailing, etc.  I should mention that we live in Luang Prabang, Laos, so not easy to just pop by for more help.  Any ideas on where I could get a replacement? Homepro was no help...


Attached a picture of the timer and of the instruction manual (with model # on it)...





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Maybe some help ..


Beko part number same Mex so I guess its a name change from the Shing Ding factory.


Try Ebay or main Mex/Beko supply in Bangkok

Part numbers



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