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BANGKOK 21 November 2018 16:59

British Embassy Notorising Documents still?

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I went to the Brititsh Embassy today and the woman on the front desk asked me what my appointment time was. I explained I was not aware I needed one so she asked what I came for, I explained it was to have my degree notorized, as requested by the ministry of foreign affairs. She then asked me to speak to someone who said they stopped that service about two weeks ago?


Is this true, there was much confusion and I couldn't tell whether she was telling me the truth or that I didn't have an appointment which was the cause of the issue. Has the British Embassy stopped notorising educational certificates? It has already been done but because its from abroad, the ministry of foreign affairs wouldn't accept that and said that it must be done at the British Embassy in Bangkok. Someone has got it wrong, has anyone had a document notorixed in the last two weeks there? 


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I have just looked at their website and this does appear to confirm that they no longer offer this service but that means you cannot gain a stamp from the ministry of foreign affairs too unless there is another option which they did not mention there.

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