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BANGKOK 18 October 2018 21:52

Thai woman gambled away all the foreigner's money - so she went armed to get more before he came back!

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Thai woman gambled away all the foreigner's money - so she went armed to get more before he came back!



Pictures (2): TNA


A north-eastern Thai woman who was sent 200,000 baht by her foreign husband gambled it all away on an online lottery.


He was due to come back next month and would doubtless be asking where his money had gone.


So she decided to guy a gun online and rob a gold shop on Monday.




Incredibly, she picked up her four year old child from kindergarten and drove the family car to the gold shop in the Nong Han area of Udon Thani in disguise.


She then pulled the gun on an employee at the Theeraphan 4 store and stole five baht weight of gold worth about 100,000 baht.


She then drove home to her address in Phen district with her daughter. Her husband is away working in Israel.


Police using CCTV were soon on her trail and an arrest warrant was obtained before police went to her house and found some of the gold and the adapted BB gun, capable of firing real bullets, and 34,000 baht in cash from the sale of one bit of jewelry.


She was identified as the woman due to permanent eyebrow tattoos she had. This was despite the fact that she had hair extensions in an attempt to conceal her identity.


CCTV footage had caught all the action in the gold shop showing that she had short hair.


Wasana, 23, has admitted her crime. She told Nong Han police that she had blown all the 200,000 baht her husband had sent her. So she decided to rob the shop before he came back next month.


At the shop as she cased the joint she said she was shocked when a cop walked in. But she maintained her cool and waited for him to leave before she asked about some gold jewelry and pulled the gun that she bought online for 9,000 baht along with ammunition.


She made her getaway along with her four year old daughter who was waiting in the family car outside.


It was earlier reported that the car did not have plates.


Then she went to a hairdressers to have hair extensions done to change her appearance. But she was confirmed as the robber when the owner of the gold shop remembered her permanent eyebrow tattoos that showed over the surgical mask that she was wearing.


A TV presenter said that her husband was a foreigner working in Israel.


Nong Han police warned of the evils of gambling and issued a warning to just enjoy the World Cup without betting on it.


The TV show stressed that the gambling in this case was not connected to football.


Source: TNA

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-06-15

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She bought a gun and ammunition  for 9,000 Baht online ?  WHY ?  She could have bought a realistic toy gun for a few hundred Baht... 

And this weeks Darwin award goes to Wasana.......... Well done !!

Also I bet the proceeds from the robbery were for her to continue to gamble not repay her husband

But one consolation she will be going to prison for a very long time so it will be easy for him to divorce her  

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, johncat1 said:


So where does it state the husband  was Thai ? The story as written here stated he was a  foreigner working in  Israel 

Hence my deletion of the response immediately after posting. You are too quick.


Edit. Bugger, i see it didnt save correctly. Deleted now. My bad.

Edited by HooHaa
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