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BANGKOK 13 November 2018 08:04

Job sites other than Ajarn.com

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Are there other reputable and legit job sites for Thai teaching jobs other than Ajarn.com. Ajarn is the only one I know and trust, are there any others? Thanks!

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Posted (edited)

The short answer is yes, though while ajarn.com is not perfect, I consider it to have fewer faults or deficiencies than these others. That said,

    1.ajarnjobspace.com - a little-used site, with few listings.

    2.thailandteaching.com - I'm not even sure if it is still in operation. It has relatively few recent listings. Historical

 listings are not removed, so check the posting date before wasting time reading.

    3. eslcafe.com -an international site; contains relatively few Thai listings because it is expensive. Thai listings

 are normally identifiable in the title line for each listing.

  The following are not job sites per se, but sometimes contain job postings, from agencies, schools, or teachers:

     4.On facebook: a) Teaching Jobs in Thailand

                                 b) Teaching in Thailand

        Both of the foregoing are  disorganized messes. It helps if you select "New Posts"instead of the default "Recent Activity" It is necessary to re-do this every time you visit the site.

     5. thailandteaching.info - also a discussion board format, beset with technical problems, and perhaps because of that, has very few users.


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Sooner or later I'll get my blog up and running - one if these years.


Ajarn is really all anyone needs. My issue with it is all the crap it posts. Should have a page for 45k+ jobs. The teachers section is pretty much a joke.


All the rest is utter crap. I would not bother with any of it.



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tefl.com, assuming you're suitably qualified as more professional schools, who wont go near unqualified individuals calling themselves teachers, tend to use this site

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TES, although mainly geared towards International Schools, does occasionally post for TEFL positions.


There was one recently for an EAL position I think. 

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