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BANGKOK 16 November 2018 03:52

Educated Western Guy Settling With Minimally Educated Thai Girl: Can It Ever Work?

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Double post

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1 minute ago, Hummin said:

How can you with your sperior intellect ask about this in a forum like this? With your intellect, you shouldnt ask in first place! Or what? 

Because being book smart doesn't mean I have all the answers in life. 



 I think nobody have the answer you looking for, because that have to come from you, and only you know

You're right about this, but I thought the point of a forum was to talk to other people, get their perspectives on situations, and learn about their experiences. I am naturally quite a pessimistic anxious person anyway so I'm wondering is it a case of the grass is always greener. 



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2 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


I think most guys are are unlikely to end up with any Thai woman who's particularly intellectual in the western kind of way. Interest in politics, world affairs, philosophical debates, etc etc?  I think, generally not. Interest in cooking, food, clothes-fashion, Thai TV and soap operas, most likely YES!


Now, that might sound bad... But, what if that same person also was kind, good-hearted, honest, pleasant demeanor, family oriented, affectionate, maybe not book smart but Thailand life smart?  That might help even out the equation some. Of course, not all Thai women have those qualities. But if you can find one that does, can you get by with that and let the other things go?



Thanks for your reply. It's a toughie because right now I'm not sure if I can get by on that alone. My girlfriend has many good qualities that I admire, it's just that I see the continued language barrier and lack of intellectual compatability becoming more of an issue as we age. 

:biggrin:      :sorry:




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What you missing out? 


One who share all cost with you, working beside you, and take part of your daily life. You and her share the cleaning of appartment, cooking, and so on! A thai lady never say no, cook for you, serve you, and cleaning the joint, but she expect you to serve her to, but in a different way if she has a poor background, and family duty to take care of. 


A western woman is not always the best partner in crime for talking either, so I sometimes think it is good we do not have to much to talk about ?

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