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BANGKOK 16 January 2019 09:11

Affordable Smartphone Recomendations

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14 hours ago, jvs said:

Maybe a little off topic but i was in Bangkok earlier this week and was approached by someone who had a big bag of phones.

I told her i did not need one but she started to show me some.

she handed me a Samsung s9plus and asked me how much i would be willing to pay.

To make a long story short i offered her money and she said ok.

Now i have a (copy) phone and so far ot all seems to work fine.Camera is not great but not bad for the money.

I was not going to buy it but i guess i offered too much lol.

Any ideas on this?

Download the app "CPU-Z" on Play Store. It will tell you what the true components are and how much RAM and memory it actually has.ย  I once bought a copy Galaxy S3.ย  It looked perfect but once i installed a few app's, It didn't run well at all.ย  Turned out to have phony Android and very little RAM or memory.

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