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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 18:17
Grumpy Old Man

My experiences with Thai Police

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As both a Scooter rider and car driver I have been stopped by police while on my bike more times then I could mention.

Always polite and after a check on licence sent on my way with a smile.

During the year following the passing on of the late Head of State I wore a badge the Thai 9, given by Thai friends, more that once when they saw this I was waved on without stopping and usually a polite nod of the head or even a salute on a couple of occasions.

Never been stopped in my car apart from the time I went through a Red Light.

B400 fine and good laugh down the Police station when reliving me of my Baht.



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The OP must either be very unlucky or very suspicious. I ve been in Chiang Mai 13 years ( and yes, in answer to another poster I do get around quite a bit!). Apart from the frequent checks you get in different towns if you travel during Songkran, I would estimate that I ve been stopped no more than five times in thirteen years.


I drive confidently but safe, I drive politely despite provocation from crap drivers, an I live a normal healthy life.


The OP had to effectively bail his pal out of jail at 7am. These days thats the classic drink driving scenario. I guess if you live that kind of life youre kind of asking for it! Not the OP I know, but I also havent had any of my friends banged up because I keep good law abiding friends!

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I've been stopped numerous times at check points over the years. Every time the cops fined me I had done something wrong. All other times I get thanked for cooperating and get to go on my merry way. So, no gripes here. Few too many check points perhaps, but then there's a lot of wrongdoers, so it's probably a good thing. Not that check points seem to be much of a deterrent for bad driving. Still, they have forced more folks to wear motorcycle helmets from 9am to 3pm, though, so that's a good thing.  



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