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is a WP required to start paying into the SS system?

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Was told to "wait 2 months" before being allowed to contribute 750 B a month, which needs to be matched by the school.


TBH, there has been a lot of disappointment over the years:


  • a technical college never bothered, saving the 750 B alltogether.
  • in Isaan, the Finance Dept. habitually collected the contributions in cash. (When I tried to benefit, the local hospital never got a single Baht)


Q: is there really a legal hurdle preventing an otherwise willing school to start insuring foreigners with annual contracts? Just wondering!

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I recently asked my wife to look into this for me on Thai forums etc (My school tried to tell me that they couldn't do social security for foreigners, which I knew was BS, so wanted something concrete in Thai to tell/show them).

What she found, was that foreigners need to have a Thai work permit in order to apply for a social security number.  So I'm waiting on my work permit as well before I can start my social security payments.

I don't think that anything else can be substituted for the work permit (i.e. id card or yellow book etc), but am not sure.  Likewise, I'm not sure if your work permit is just required to initially setup social security, or if it's needed before the school can make payments into your social security (i.e. If you have an existing social security number from another school).

After it's initially setup (i.e. if you have it from another school), I believe that I've previously read on Thaivisa that you can make manual contributions yourself, for if you are itching to start putting money into it.

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