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Usage of alphabet ห

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39 minutes ago, Happypcc said:
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กระทรวง - ministry


gra suaang 

gra - กะร 

Suaang - ทรวง


my question is ท - S , ร - r , ว - ua , ง -ng

how did the ร appear? Is it flexible and no explanation for this?

This also called fake cluster. Meaning the following 4 (5) example the ร(r) will not be spoken. 1 exception is the last one with ทร which will be converted to ซร and then the ร will be not spoken.

  • จร -> จ
  • สร -> ส
  • ศร -> ศ  
  • ทร -> ซร -> ซ

hope this explanation helps

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