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BANGKOK 18 November 2018 23:07

why AirAsia is so expensive nowadays?

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It would be impossible for me to fly an airline that meals are not included, not because of the money but it is pathetic way of business.

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We're talking chicken feed here

I just looked up BK to Sydney (& maybe due to school holidays ) , It's going of the scale, & that's even with budget arse carriers.

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Also i think you get hit up by your bank for overseas transfer 

IE: If I book a Thai flight I have to pay it into Thai's home account ( Thailand )

For my bank it's 1.75%.


Not sure what you mean with your second sentence but I noticed that you only can use counter payment or bank transfer if your flight is operated by Thai Air Asia and origin of departure is Thailand


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12 hours ago, Lacessit said:

Yes, it was the Killing Floor. Speaking of counterfeit, I don't care how good Tom Cruise is at martial arts - he just isn't convincing playing Jack Reacher.

No-one knows how many fake US dollar notes are in the world - apparently they range in quality from very poor to almost as good as the genuine article. If Trump irritates the Chinese too much, I wouldn't be surprised if they started churning out forgeries. That's why every government wants to move to cashless. In Australia, cash is now the exception - even then, it's only transactions less than $10 in almost every store.

Yes, US currency is heavily counterfeited, but so are other hard currencies, e.g., GBP and  Euro. Even the RMB is widely counterfeited. The more use, the more potential. In fact, the pound coin was the most commonly counterfeited cash, until the new coin was put into circulation. 


Not sure counterfeiting--or any other financial crime--is the main reason governments want a cashlesss society; more like big brother and big business wanting to know where and how much you spend so they can guide your purchases, tax everything and charge negative interest rates to keep you in line.


Plastic is used to buy chewing gum in the States; the merchants can set the minimum up to $10, but it seems merchants are lowering or even eliminating the minimum so people who have no, or carry no, cash can spend.

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