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Finding Swimming coach near central festival Chiangmai

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Hello ,


I am looking for a swimming coach for myself and my son, My son is 8 years old.

Do you have any recommendation? Thanks.

Please send me email to <Email removed, please use PM function to contact>. Thanks.



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Check out Kru Payu Swim.  They have a website and a FB page.  They have at least 2 locations toward the north of CM:

1. Bronco Kids Sport Center

2. Near Mee Chok center.


Good people and very professional.



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Do you want Thai language or English language? 


I can recommend a very properly qualified Thai swim teacher for beginners up and he's also a qualified professional swim coach, technique, endurance, preparation for national / regional swim meets etc., teaches / coaches in Thai or English. Many of his qualifications come from classes conducted under the supervision of the Australian Institute of sport, he also has a degree in Education (Thailand) specializing in sport.


He uses a pool in his own village - on the superhighway drive past Big C Don Chan going towards Lampun, after Big C drive about 1km further and the village is on the opposite side of the road.


Please PM to me if you would like more details.



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If you are South of Chiang Mai, you may want to check out Kru Garn at Kad Farang Pool in Hang Dong. I swim laps there and have watched him teach children and adults (Thai, Chinese, European, American) for years.  He is great!  He is also the coach of a very successful swim team based at the pool.

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