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Using iPad in village

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my family and I are making our annual pilgrimage to deepest ubon next week and my daughter keeps on at me about bringing her ipad but I am reluctant to stay yes because I am concerned about her using it in the heat of the village. its the in-laws place and theres no air con and im not sure if they're ok to use in conditions like that - any advice?

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Maybe more expertise/experience in the IT forum?

Isaan is not the hottest place on earth/Thailand currently.

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I have an older iPad ( from 2013 ) and I've been living in Ubon for almost 5 years. The iPad is either in my office or bedroom, which gets really hot in the summer when not in use / no air con. I havent been using it too much, but whenever I needed it, it worked flawless. The battery works surprisingly still like new considering the heat it was exposed to at times.

None of my business really, but your daughter may be bored to death in the village very quickly and the iPad may be something to help overcome the boredom ( ESPECIALLY if she does not speak Thai ).

Hope that helps.


Which month(s) do you plan on visiting?

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