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BANGKOK 13 December 2018 07:14

Nok Air Customer Service

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Nok Air customer service is embarrassingly bad.

Upon reviewing my reservations for tomorrow I noticed that my companion's reservation was incorrect.  Instead of being listed as Txxxxx Yxxxxxxx, she was listed as Yxxxxxx Yxxxxx.  Same first and last name.  Obviously an error.

I called the airline and was told correcting an error was free but changing a name cost 900 baht.

Well, obviously this was just correcting an error not changing a name!  We are only changing the first name so it is not a duplicate of the last name!  

Well, the agent and supervisor did not agree.  The supervisor explained that he had no way of knowing if the name was being changed to change the passenger!  Because, after all, the original reservation for Yxxxxxxx Yxxxxxxx might just be one person and Txxxxx Yxxxxxxx might be a second person!


Is this the way Nok Air  customer service works?  Is 900 baht that important to them?

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Who inputed the names wrong when booking the flights? Thats where the error occurred and blame. If i was in this situation i would have checked in as normal at the desk and made no mention of it. If the check-in agent questioned it i would react like i wasn't aware of it. Its an obvious error that they must see everyday. Lots of people checking-in, pressure to get everyone processed , bags loaded, aircraft on its way etc the check-in agent would probably just check-in you in as normal. This method has worked for me although the name error wasn't as bad.

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