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How good are the Bangkok to Saraburi roads?

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I have some serious health issues when travelling along bumpy or cracked roads, but I have to go from Bangna to Saraburi/Lopburi soon in a Honda Jazz with stiff suspension. It looks like a choice of Route 1 or Route 9 plus Route 1. Which would be smoother, and how smooth is Route 1 in Saraburi and onward to Lopburi? I don't drive, so I really don't know other than Don Muang Tollway is good.

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Depend where you are coming from.  If using route 9 from the East or West side. The West side is pretty crap and only 2 lanes ( coming from Bangyai ) I got so fed up with it that new I use the Sirat Expressway

( Ubon Ratthaya ) Smooth and fast. Worth the toll.


Once you are on route 1 to Saraburi the fast lane ( right ) is ok but the slow left lanes are often cut up and bumpy because of the trucks.


They are doing work on both by pass roads around Saraburi but currently the east side ( Korat ) is worse. So, take the west bypass

( shorter distance but more traffic ) and continue to Lop Buri.

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Your main problem will be the Saraburi to Lopburi, section, not a good road  they is the Sararbrui by-pass that goes through, Sow- High coming off from Root 1  before Saraburi, but not a good road ,but better than going in to Saraburi city then on to Lopburi about 50 km , problem is all the trucks hauling stone damage the road, get past Phraphutthabat the road does improve, problem is they is no other easy way for this way for this section of your journey, without a major detour.

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