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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 09:18

2015 Yamaha MT-03 for sale

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Selling my beloved MT-03. Arguably the best bike in the 300 class. (Arguably more fun than the heavier and more boring CB500F). It has many upgrades and has been tuned for top performance. This is PERFECT for those new to motorcycles and also for those with some experience.


This bike revs, accelerates, handles, sounds and brakes WAY better than any stock R3/MT-03 out of the factory.


Enough power to keep you excited for a good while. 42 hp out of the factory, after mods and tunes this one should have ~45 hp.


Still love this bike. What a blast to rev it out and ride it hard in the twisty mountains. Great both in the city, and out of the city. Reason for selling: Upgrading to a Ducati Hypermotard.


Year 2015. 86xx km on odometer (low miles!). I bought it at 3xxx km and it looked brand new. Everything still looking very fresh. Green book in my name, transferable.


The bike has ABS in front and back – a lifesaver.


List of mods and accessories (over 25,000 baht invested):

- Tail tidy
- PR2 full exhaust system
- High flow performance air filter
- Professionally adjusted ECU and fueling (a must after changing the exhaust)
- R6 throttle tube (shortens the throttle throw – it’s a long twist out of the factory, with this mod you can easily open the throttle 100% without adjusting your hand on the grip, the throttle is WAY more responsive, especially after exhaust and fueling upgrade)
- Frame sliders
- Shorty levers, adjustable
- Splashguard (double sided arms for extra rigidity)
- Rear LED indicators
- Tank grips
- Customized seat, added a good 5 cm of padding
- Tires: 
- Front IRC IZ-S (track compound, very sticky rubber – huge boost in handling and performance)
- Back Metzeler M5 - just replaced, also a great tire that will both stick and last
- Recently upgraded front brake line to stainless steel + installed better pads. Huge improvement in braking performance and feel.
- Phone handlebar mount with a USB charging port includedIMG_20171102_082921.thumb.jpg.7b2fb688f080f9d4d1f0e2dd536e397a.jpg



- Regularly maintained and cleaned + waxed. Oil recently changed.
- The bike has NEVER been dropped
- The seat is considerably higher than original (~5 cm). I’m 193 cm, it should be good for anyone above 180 cm. Can be always modified easily and cheaply within 1 day – there is a very good shop in CM that does these modifications.


The bike is in storage in Chiang Mai. I'll be back in CM around mid-end of July, onwards. I can help with arranging the shipping to anywhere in Thailand.

No test rides unless cash in hand or deposit in the bank account.


Happy to answer any questions. I’m 100% transparent about this bike.







WeChat Image_20180711183403.jpg

WeChat Image_20180711183410.jpg

WeChat Image_20180711183416.jpg







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how much?

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On 7/15/2018 at 8:26 AM, papa al said:

how much?


Maybe it's an auction.... ! lol

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Maybe interested after the price has been announced

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