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Appeals Court upholds death sentence on Spaniard for murder

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Appeals Court upholds death sentence on Spaniard for murder

By Thai PBS



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The Appeals Court today upheld the death sentence handed down on a Spanish man for murdering a fellow Spaniard and dumping the dismembered body in the Chao Phraya River in 2016.


According to the verdict, between January 20-26, 2016, Artur Segarra tortured and latere murdered David Bernat in a room of PG Condominium on Rama IX road, dismembered his body and dumped the body parts at various spots in the Chao Phraya River and stole 734,940 baht from the murdered businessman.


He was charged with kidnapping, torture, premeditated murder, and concealing the body. Segarra denied the charges. The Criminal Court on April 21, 2017 sentenced him to death and ordered him to pay compensation to Bernat’s relatives. Segarra appealed.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/appeals-court-upholds-death-sentence-spaniard-murder/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2018-07-13
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17 minutes ago, KhunBENQ said:

Or the execution(s) continue?

Still not clear to me why only this one convict had been executed recently.


I guess you were not  in the loop about the uselessness of capital punishment.

death-13 at 2.39.04 PM.png

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42 minutes ago, 300sd said:

I certainly believe in the death sentence. But here I don't believe any sentence is well thought out. I also don't believe they are qualified to make such a sentence or understand what "a reasonable doubt" actually means.



Nah, sure! I guess you know better. Really? Can´t we just call it a mistrial and set the dude free, I guess there can no be any kind of evidence in this case. Just pure speculation.

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Spaniard death sentence upheld

By The Nation



Artur Segarra Princep


The Appeals Court on Friday upheld the death sentence for a Spanish man, Artur Segarra Princep, who was convicted of killing a fellow Spaniard, mutilating his body and throwing the parts into the Chao Phraya in January 2016.


Princep, who has maintained his innocence, will appeal to the Supreme Court.


The Appeals Court judge cited strong evidence, including security camera footage, testimonies from witnesses, including accounts from a maid at the PG Condominium and his Thai girlfriend, and forensic results on DNA samples collected from incriminating items, such as his freezer, which had sufficiently convinced the judge about the 39-year-old's guilt over the death of the Spanish national David Bernat, 41. 


The case has drawn considerable media attention in Spain. 


Segarra was taken from Bang Kwang Central Prison, where he was detained for two years and five months, to the Ratchadapisek Criminal Court to hear the Appeals Court verdict. 


There was a Spanish interpreter in court. 


Segarra was convicted of Bernat's murder, illegal detention, torture, concealment of the body and theft and was given a death sentence by the primary court last April. 


The primary court also ordered him to repay Bt734,940 to Bernat's family, the amount which Segarra took out of the victim's bank account. This was also upheld by the Appeals Court. 


Bernat had just arrived in Bangkok for a vacation when he was abducted and detained by his acquaintance Segarra at the Huai Kwang apartment. The court heard he was tortured for days for his ATM codes and then killed, the court decided. His body was kept in a freezer before being dismembered for disposal in the river. 


Bernat's body parts were discovered in the Chao Phraya on January 30, 2016. 


Segarra was arrested in Cambodia in early February 2016 and sent back to Thailand the next day.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30350028

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-7-13
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