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BANGKOK 16 November 2018 03:39

You Tube playback issue

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Recently, I often have difficulty playing You Tube videos.  The buffering spiral will spin for a bit, then I get this:

"If Playback Doesn't Start Shortly, Try Restarting Your Device"

I also have noticed that GIF's embedded in news articles often wont play

I can't think of any recent changes in my set-up.  HP Win 8.1 laptop (Classic Shell) True VDSL, 50 down, Chrome browser.


Any suggestions appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

Open the Windows Task Manager (right click on the task bar) and look at the details.

You should see if your PC is running out of memory or the CPU is 100% busy, etc.

And you can see which program uses the resources.

Worst case scenario you might have one of those "viruses" on your PC which mines crypto currencies and uses your PC resources to do that.

But then again maybe you have only a slow internet, maybe because someone else is using it or it's just busy at the time you view.


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Posted (edited)

A search reveals a couple of possible causes.

Do you have an Nvidia graphics card? Driver up-to-date?

Is hardware acceleration enabled in Chrome? Disable.


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