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Whats yr favorite airline flying from Frankfurt to Bkk?

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Obviously Thai or Lufthansa, because they have direct flights 😉

But if i can save a decent ammount of money by choosing an airline with a stopover i take it

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Sure, I support direct flies. If you choose change flights, your journey will take several hours, and you will be so exhausted in the end, that you'll have then several days to renew your strength. 

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3 hours ago, 737Nell said:

your journey will take several hours

You want to say "several hours longer"?

Yes sure.

But I find your assesment about connecting flights much excessive.

As a "non sleeper" I am not enthusiatic about nonstop flights.

Only clear advantage: no risk of lost connection due to delay/bad weather which happened more than once to me (not from FRA though).


The nonstop flight time is about 11:10h.

And as written only LH and TG.

Both not top of the pack (anymore).

I would still prefer Thai Airways.


Good one stop connections add not much more than 3 hours total.

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