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Balancing act

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As I get older, I'm aware at some point I won't be able to ride a scooter with full confidence.

I see quite a few scooters in Chiang Mai with side cars - some with canopies, some not. Balance should no longer be a problem.

I have a low-mileage Yamaha TTX step-through automatic for conversion.

Looking for information on where I could get a sidecar fitted, approximate cost, etc. Does it change the registration requirements? What is the top practical speed with a canopy?


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You can't (easily) legally add a sidecar to a bike...Tiger company made for a short while bikes with legal sidecars...they appear every now and then for sale in the classified adds.


Maybe look at the Yamaha Tricity 3 wheeler.


Or just get the local sidecar fabricator to make one to your liking...and drive around regardless (like the food vendors do) but be prepared for some hassle from Mr Policeman now and again including contributions to his retirement fund.


I hear they handle quite badly...top speed? well if it where me not more than 50KPH !

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Riding a bike with a side car is more difficult than riding a bike without one.

You still need that balance feeling and you probably need it more with the side car.


But maybe try another bike. Some bikes are very stable even at very low "speed". With others it's a lot more work to control them at low speed.

I.e. I have a nimble Suzuki Raider 150 which is perfect to get through every small gap but compared to bigger bikes it's unstable. But I (or you) experience this only if you try other bikes which are a lot more stable - and less nimble.

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