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BANGKOK 16 December 2018 08:06

What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

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If I am like many other people, I have chosen to have a go at making Thailand my home.

But like many others, I'm certainly feeling the pinch, cost wise, and having overseas funds coming in to live on each month at such low exchange rates isn't helping. 


Anyone care to share any valuable tips for making ends meet?


I dont drink, don't smoke. 

Have a car,  rent a house just out of pattaya. 

Usual house comforts. 

Electric about 1500

Rent 8000

Water 100

TV wifi 900.

Basic health care. 

Eat well.

But little if anything else for future savings..


What's the secret guys?

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Biggest expenses


Fuel for cars - 12,000 pm

Alcohol - 0 to 20,000 pm

Books 100,000 in the last year



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