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NLA approves enactment of new Copyright Act

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NLA approves enactment of new Copyright Act

Kitti Cheevasittiyanon




BANGKOK, 12th August 2018 (NNT) — The National Legislative Assembly has voted to pass a new version of the Copyright Act. 

The NLA has completed its deliberation of the new draft Copyright Act, which the special committee in charge of it has already vetted without making any changes. 

As no member of the legislature objected to any details of the draft, the NLA assembly voted to pass it in the third reading although some questioned if the new law could actually be enforced within 120 days in order not to affect the passing of other related drafts. 

The committee assured the NLA that the new Copyright Act will be in effect in time. 

The NLA then moved on to review a report on the study of government policy to procure alternative energy, which is intended to help the country lessen its dependence on fossil fuel and switch to more environmentally-friendly renewable energy.


-- nnt 2018-08-12

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1 hour ago, madmitch said:

Another vague press release by the Government's mouthpiece.


It would be nice to know how the new act differs from the existing one.

This time they hand out  flyers to the vendors on Sukhumvit, and Patpong.😉

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It would be news if the rubber stamp puppet committee didn't approve of something.

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