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Are there plans to fix the BTS and ALR? A few other questions.

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There are a few members who work with companies dealing with the rail systems.


Extension of MRT into Chinatown?


Updates on the other lines to finish? Seems like longer than forever.


When will the Bang Sue station be complete? Will it render Hualalompong just another sleepy terminus?


I'm asking in regard to future condo purchase mainly.



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This thread (start at the end) has irregular updates.


I'll close this one, but to answer some of your questions:-


MRT Blue Line extension IIRC is end 2019.

Green Line extension past Samrong December this year.

Green Line extension past Mo Chit is end 2019 (may not happen if you look at the status of the civil work around Lat Phrao).

Bang Sue Grand slated for 2020, plans for Hua Lampong are unclear, but since the Blue Line goes to it and Bang Sue I suspect it will become a sleepy backwater or even a museum.


Let's continue discussions in the linked thread.


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