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My Thai girlfriend is pregnant...

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I ask you to be respectful about the following I'm about to share in this thread. This is not an easy time for us. Here goes:


My Thai girlfriend is pregnant. 


We are both in our twenties and have been together for just over 2 years. 


When she started showing symptoms 2 months ago we immediately did a test twice, and it showed that she was not pregnant. 


Couple weeks later it turned out she was in fact pregnant.


My heart sank. We aren't ready for this at all and it would be devastating for us to raise a kid now. We haven't told either of our parents.


The baby is healthy.


I truly want to do whats best for this baby girl (we just learned its gender) and I wholeheartedly believe us raising this baby together wouldn't be best for both the kid nor ourselves.


I take full responsibility for this mistake and will never run away from it, but I believe adoption is the best way to move forward. However it is very important to us that we find the right family. 


I want to make sure the kid gets raised by people I trust and respect, and I'm not sure if there's a way to choose parents or if you have to go through the local Thai establishments and hope for the best. Something I definitely want to avoid is having this kid grow up in a local orphanage for a long periodsof time.


I'm a European business owner (caucasian) in my twenties, physically fit, healthy etc.


Does anybody have any advice regarding this issue of finding adoptive parents? I've read its fairly challenging for foreigners to come out here and adopt a baby? Would it be smart to go around that by looking for parents myself? Anything I should set up legally as soon as possible? I absolutely do not want anyone back home to know about this even though I will support the mother all the way.


My girlfriend will find it very challenging to let go of her baby but she also feels it is the best option.


Our preference would go out to a loving and financially secure foreign / mixed couple with an intense desire to raise a baby.


Any support would be much appreciated.


Sharing this on a forum is a big step for us. We understand we have been foolish to make this mistake so I'm not necessarily looking for a lecture but would genuinely appreciate any advice we can get on how to move forward with this intelligently.

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