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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 05:16
Boy Wonder

What is the general rule for tipping?

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On 9/16/2018 at 1:43 PM, spidermike007 said:


Me neither. The difference is here a 20-40 baht tip gets alot of gratitude. Same in restaurants. In the US a ten to twenty dollar tip at a nice restaurant, gets barely a nod of gratitude. 

The US is a special case. Am very uncomfortable with the tipping culture in the US.


Anyway, I remember one occ., can't remember where but a late afternoon I had to wait several hours for a flight change

decided to have a meal

nice restaurant with nice view into the sunset

had the lot, some dry martinis - 3 courses - a bottle of red wine - brandy - the works

the bill came, efficient airport style computer bill, with fields for this and that

did some calc on the backside, subtracted tax, added a very generous tip added tax back on

then filled in the total field on the bill


the waitress went ballistic, totally pissed off that she would have to work out the tip herself


I was annoyed, said I will help you - give me  the bill;

look here; we strike out the total, we take this sum (wares+tax) and we put that as the new total,

all done - no calculations by you needed!


she was not happy



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